The Illuminati Has Never Looked So Stylish

We live in a world full of secrets and mysteries: Rumor has it that there are clubs only the elite can access, as well as members-only houses where selfies are prohibited to prevent exposure to the outside world. Their existence has been the focus of countless debates, which often result in halted friendships and videos on WorldStarHipHop. But, much to the founding fathers’ dismay, a small percentage of sharp men have made the daring decision to display their affiliation with the secret society to the public. Despite the signs being everywhere, most people remain clueless on how to recognize these young members of the Illuminati. Fear not, because I, a member of the said society, am going to reveal just what to look for if you want to spot one of us. Ready? Here goes: A magnet on our tie.

Okay, I was obviously joking about being in the Illuminati. The introduction you just read was a mockery of all the times I have been accused of being in it, all because of the way I keep my tie in place. The story begins with my friend Paul creating TieMags™, a product that’s like iTunes in a world full of CDs. It’s new, innovative, yet so simple you’ll kick yourself for not coming up with it first. TieMags™ are magnetic tie clips, and according to their official website, “use the power of Neodymium (NdFeB) magnets to keep you looking stylish while protecting your tie at the same time.” I honestly had no idea what Neodymium was before looking it up just now, but I can tell you one thing: These magnets are no joke. They are the real deal.

So, how did the Illuminati accusations come about? TieMags™ come in four different shapes: “Checkmate,” which can be either square or diamond depending on how you position them, “On Target” and “The Simple One” which are round but with different designs, the hidden-from-plain-view “Covert,” and “The Conversation Starter,” which are triangular. Guess which style has people staring at my chest as I walk down the busy streets of Manhattan? Yup, you guessed it. No, not man-boobs.

Kashkore: Being in the Illuminati Has Never Been So Stylish | TieMags
“The Conversation Starter” in silver. (

I have owned “The Conversation Starter” for maybe over a year now, and these are just some of the comments that I have gotten since I first wore them:

  • Are you in the Illuminati? –My best friend
  • Oh, what’s that on your tie? –A recruiter from PwC at a job fair. He came up to me.
  • Is that like a fraternity thing? So stylish. -A boss on Wall Street
  • Illuminati? – Some guy at the GLAAD Media Awards
  • So are you like in the Illuminati or something? –A coworker
  • Oh my, is that… – A lady at Cynthia Rowley’s Fall 2014 Show

Well, they aren’t called “The Conversation Starter” for no reason, right? That’s not even counting the many times I’ve caught people staring at it, as if thinking “Is he…I hope he doesn’t take my soul. I wonder if he knows Jay Z. Is Beyonce in the Illuminati too?”

I’ve always loved a good, subtle shock factor. Since I’ve gotten too old for my Jeremy Scott winged sneakers, and I can’t really afford a vintage Rolex, I’m glad TieMags™ came into existence to help me add a little bit of flair to my outfits. They hold my tie in place extremely well without wrinkling or ruining it, and with a starting price of $19.95 (“The Conversation Starter” in silver is $29.95), you get the most bang for your buck for the combined usability, style, and personality that they deliver. The customer service is also superb; I’ve never had any problems with my TieMags™, but knowing Paul, he’d probably respond to your e-mail just a few hours after you hit “send,” should you need any help.

Check out TieMags™ at and be part of our secret society…of fashion-forward men, that is. No voodoo stuff here.



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