Meet POSH: The Craigslist of the 1%

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Craigslist’s “For Sale” section is a hub for many kinds of things. I’m looking at it right now to see what’s being sold in New York City, and so far, I have seen a “cheap pair of bar stools” for $20, an adjustable curtain rod for $55, and a “vintage modern end table” for $450. There are also some electronics listed, including a PS3, a dryer, and an air conditioner. Although Craigslist has it all (well, almost), the things that are put on sale on the website tend to be on the lower-end or average side, and understandably so. But there has to be a way to advertise your pricey, luxury items online, right? Indeed, there is. Enter: Bloomberg Terminal’s POSH.

The Bloomberg Terminal is not a website like Craigslist, but rather a computer system, that allows professionals in finance to monitor real-time changes in the financial market and execute trades. It is made by the company Bloomberg L.P., and uses its own customized hardware. If you work in finance, or went to a college that has a business program, you may have seen a Bloomberg Terminal without even realizing it. It’s one of those computers with the colorful yet kinda-complicated looking keyboards. With The Bloomberg Terminal being an extremely powerful tool in finance, it is not surprising that the system comes with a huge price tag. It’s a subscription service, costing $20,000 per year.

A Bloomberg Terminal. (Photo: Lombardi, Victor. 2013. Why We Fail. New York: Rosenfeld Media.)
A Bloomberg Terminal. (Photo: Lombardi, Victor. 2013. Why We Fail. New York: Rosenfeld Media.)

While The Bloomberg Terminal allows a user to do a lot of things such as monitor markets in real-time, gather data, place trades, and message other users, one feature that many people outside of the network are not aware of is called POSH. Simply put, POSH is the Craigslist of rich people.

POSH is a rather interesting feature, with filters specifically for houses, airplanes, and the like. I went on to see what was being sold, and these are some of the things I found (I went to the New York Public Library for this, I don’t have a subscription!):

1.) A 3.62-acre, East Hampton estate for $6,250,000. It includes a waterfront dock, hilltop tennis, subterranean 5,000-bottle wine cellar, a private dock, and water  front rolling lawn for easy access for boats, boards, and kayaks.

2.) A Mercedes Ponton Cabriolet 1958 for £79,000

3.) A $10,000,000 manor in New York.

4.) Some Bentley, Aston Martin, and Porsche, casually listed.

While POSH is living up to its name by having listings that cost many 0’s, there also a few “cheaper” items on the system–and good deals, too–like a $1,600 Tiffany gift card that’s listed for $1,400. Not a bad discount for someone who was looking to buy something from Tiffany anyway!






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